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Sun Dec 26 08:46:50 2010 -- miniature font second update

miniature font second update(0)

If you look at the following comparison of the uclibc kernel font (converted to X11), the misc-fixed size 6 font, and my size 6 fonts, you'll see I've done some more work.

The last update at was mainly to solidify and finalize the serif and sans-serif versions with the 4 pixel x-heights.

What I've done is take swoolley2, the san-serif version, add some serifs, but not all over the place, to improve character disambiguation, rounded out the number series, ensured there were at least two pixels of differences between characters, including significant differences when characters were underlined, and also made a 20% shrunk version to match the sizes of the uclibc and misc-fixed six point fonts.  I managed to improve on both of those in readability by adopting the aforementioned practices.

I also created a swoolley8 that's one character wider, 6x6, but that I didn't include in the image below.

Then I also created an 8x6 font called swoolley9 that is about as "big" as I can get with single line leading.  I think if I go to a size 9 or 10 font I can't go much more readable than that.

Here's the comparison image, too big to inline in this blog post:\

I used instead of the motif version of the bdf editor, the author has now put out gbdfed that I've updated to and have been using.

You can download the uclibc kernel font X11 conversion and swoolley6 and swoolley7 here:

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